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Adapted for TV from Director Robert Altman's wildly succesful Motion Picture "MASH", the small screen version dominated Television comedy

with edgy dialog, great acting and even blood which up until now was unseen, especially when Doctors played by the likes of Alan Alda and

Harry Morgan  used dark humor to survive the horrors of life in a MASH Unit behind enemy lines during the Korean War. The most successful Comedy Show of it's day,

I wanted this cover more than any other assignment I've been up for. I was only 22 years old and all the other TV Guide regulars were pushing fifty, with lots of experience and favors to call in.

I needed an edge so I came up with a cover composition taken from the patients point of view looking up at the Doctors from the operating table. I even posed the shot with three friends in My studio and gave My Editor a print.

TV Guide was blown away and I became the most hated   photographer at the Magazine. The back stabbing was expected, now have to shoot it under extremely difficult conditions.

The MASH soundstage at 20th Century Fox was huge and dark with olive drab Army green covering everything and everybody. For Me to set up and shoot the cover it was costing Fox about ten thousand dollars a minute in actors, crew and equipment standing around while I was lighting the set for My three different cover set ups.

On this kind of assignment I use a minimal crew, by doing everything Myself, I know just how to pace the session. 

Having the whole crew of fifty plus technicians staring at Your every move certainly makes Your Heart beat a little faster. The first set up was a safe shot, carefully posed with the three doctors in bathrobes standing in front of "The Swamp" their home away from home.

After a couple of rolls the Actors loosened up, mugging and joking I could hear Harry Morgans baratone voice as He laughed at Alan Alda's constant verbal assaults.

I put them through twenty rolls in ten minutes, never letting the pace down and building trust with My Subjects. Directing real actors was always a big rush and having them let Me take charge would really make the difference.

Next was the shot from the operating room, the lighting was tough because everything was dark and green except the Doctors gowns made of pure white cotton.

I used english tea to stain down the white cotton and dried them under the hot movie lights, this gave great detail in the gowns and masks around the Doctor's necks.

I moved the Actors into place and lay down on the table as the patient. Everyone leaned in, the shot was perfect but I started to sweat and get extremely claustrophobic.

Harry Morgan pushed everyone back and started talking in My ear. He just started telling Me a story about Dragnet and had Me laughing just in time.

I put everyone back in place and proceeded to shoot the most famous cover of My career. This Cover was the biggest seller TV Guide ever had and the one everyone remembers.

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