Cher And Carol Burnett Photograph

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Photograph By Scott Enyart

I really wanted TV Guide to hire me, so I started to pitch stories as I had done with The Los Angeles Times and Playboy. I was always borrowing clothes and props from Designers and this one shoe designer had become the go to Guy if You needed outrageous platform Disco shoes, His name was Fred Slatten and this was 1978, Disco had arrived and Fred owned the feet of the rich and famous.

I met up with Him one day as He finished up red platform boots for Cher and Carol Burnet's Disco Dance number under rehearsal at CBS. Shoes for Harvey Corman and Tim Conway had already shipped so I called TV Guide and pitched a story about Fred. One hour later I was assigned to shoot the entire cast of The Carol Burnet Show including Guest Star, the recently divorced Cher.

As a joke I suggested shooting Sonny Bono in Fred's shoes as well. TV Guide loved the idea so We booked a shoot with Sonny too. The next day I arrived for the dress outrageous of Carols big disco number. They ran through the number twice as I photographed Carol, Cher and Tim Conway dressed like Elton John all wearing outrageous Platform Shoes by Fred.

The next day it was off to Sonny's House in Bel Aire and a great shoot with Sonny in fine form brandishing antique dueling pistols while wearing six inch silver platform shoes. The story ran four pages and started My relationship with TV Guide.

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