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All of our original art & photo pieces are also available as numbered prints. We are offering beautiful "Gallery Quality" reproductions created “directly from the original.”

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Our first offering are prints signed and numbered and an original illustration of The Rolling Stones tongue logo. They also come with a “Letter Of Authenticity” All prints are created on "Acid Free" paper for $300.00. plus shipping

We are also offering a quality "Digital" print that's signed but not numbered for $150.00. All images are printed on quality poster stock.

Then there is our $35.00 12" x 18" Posters come signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.


Our content is The World’s Largest Privately Owned Original Album Cover Art & Music Related Collection. We have 350 original pieces and over 3,000 photographs to select from.

Thank you for your interest in our collection and we will be posting these and new additional images every week so please be certain that you visit us on a regular basis. We will look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You - Ernie

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1. DS1004 Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare”     Front Cover Art

Illustrator: Drew Struzan Oil On Canvas 15” x 19”

Selected By Rolling Stone Magazine As One Of The Top 100 Album Covers Of All Time.


2.DS1010 Canned Heat

“One More River To Cross” Artist Study

Illustrator: Drew Struzan Oil On Canvas 20” x 30”

This Oil Painting Was Done By Drew In His Senior Year At Art Center College.


3. DS1018 Bee Gee’s

“Main Course” Front Cover Art

Illustrator: Drew Struzan Black Line & Acrylic 11” x 15”

 This Illustration Was Done At The Height Of Disco And 
 Introduces The New Group Logo.


4.  DS1016 Bee Gee’s

“Main Course” Back Cover Art

 Illustrator: Drew Struzan Black Line & Acrylic 21” x 21”

 This Illustration Together With The Front Cover Art Are truly  
 The Perfect Pair


5. EC5001 Jesus Christ Superstar

“Jesus Christ Superstar” Front Cover Art (Also Show Color)

 Illustrator: Ernie Cefalu Black Line & Acrylic 14” x 18”

 This Illustration Graced The Look & Feel Of Andrew Loyd

 Webber And Tim Rice’s Biggest Global  “Rock Opera” Ever.


6. JP4014 Alice Cooper 

“Alice At The Palace” Event Poster

Illustrators: Joe Garnett, Ingrid Haenke And Ernie Cefalu

Black Ink & Digital Coloring 20” x 40”

This Illustration Was Created  For Alice’s Premiere At The    

Palace Theatre On Broadway In New York City. Unfortunately

Once They Realized Who Alice Was They backed Out Of The

Deal & The Poster Was Never Produced.


7.DS1028 Marshal Tucker Band 

“This Old Cowboy” Billboard Trade Ad

Illustrator: Drew Struzan

Black Ink On Board 11” x 14”

Drew Was Greatly Influenced By Commercial Illustrators 

He Fashioned This Piece With A 1940’s George Petty Pin Up

Girl Look & Feel.


8. DS1030 Quincy Jones

“$600 Dollars & A Mule” Stage Show Logo

Illustrator: Drew Struzan

Black Ink On Film 12 1/2” x 15”

On This Pice Done For Quincy Jones Drew Created This

Stylized Woman And Circular Frame Border based on an    

Art Deco Look & Feel

9. DS1070 Peterson Publishing

“Adventure Magazines Promotion” Campaign Key Art

Illustrator: Drew Struzan Full Color Acrylic 27” x 15”

Drew Illustration Was The Face Of This Very Successful

Campaign For The Countries Largest Magazine Publisher


10.BG2007 Spiritual Sky

“In-Store Incense Display” Header Card”

Illustrator: Bill Garland

Full Color Water Color & Ink 14” x 28”

Bill Created The SNAZ Charter As The Spokes Person Who

Comes from A Plant Where Everyone Has Only 2 Senses.

He Comes To Earth To Demonstrate How Much Better Music

Is When You Burn Incense While You Listen.  


11.BG2030 Time Magazine

“West Coast Is The Gold Coast” Campaign Key Art

Illustrator: Bill Garland Full Color Acrylic 25” x 25”

Bill’s Illustration Was The Key Art Used In This New

Subscription Promotion. The Campaign Broke Records By   

Receiving An Astounding, Unheard Of 25% Response 


12. JP4001 Black Oak Arkansas

“High On The Hog” Front & Back Album Cover

Illustrator: Joe Petagno

Full Airbrush & Ink 20” x 30”

Joe’s Is Considered “The European Drew Struzan” And This 

Illustration Is A Great Example Of That Well Deserved Title.


13. BG2102 Alice Cooper

“Mad House Rock” Tour & Back Stage Pass Art

Illustrator: Bill Garland/Ernie Cefalu

Black & White Ink Line 11” x 14”

Bill And Ernie Collaborated On This Unique Piece Done In

The Famous German Illustrator Heinrich Kley's Style.


14.CR3005 Alice Cooper

“Billion Dollar Babies” Album Front Cover Art

Illustrator: Carl Ramsey

Black & White Ink Line 16” x 16”

Carl’s Rendering Of The Giant 12” x12” Green Snake Skin

Wallet’s Front Was Toped Off With This Beautiful Gold Coin

Encircled In A Ring Of Diamonds


15.CR3005 Alice Cooper

“We Got The World By The Bongs” Billboard Art

Illustrator: Carl Ramsey

Full Color Airbrush 19” x 37”

Carl’s Alphonse Mucha Style Art Navo Airbrush Rendering Of

This Beautiful Glass Lady Was Used As Glass Head’s

Corporate Logo That Branded Hundreds Of Thousands Of

Bongs And Pipes In The 70’s. 


16.CR3015 Thi Power

“Corporate Logo” Billboard Art

Illustrator: Carl Ramsey

Full Color Airbrush & Black Line Art 10” x 19”

Carl’s Airbrush Rendering Of A Wrapped Thai Stick Evolving

Into A Three Headed Dragon Was An Huge Industry Hit.


17.JP4003 Wet Willie

“Tour Poster” Tour Key Art, Ads & Back Stage Passes

Illustrator: Joe Petagno

Full Color Airbrush & Ink 16” x 20”

Joe Is Considered “The European Drew Struzan” And This 

Illustration Is A Great Example Of That Well Deserved Title.


18.EC5032 Sarah

“Sara Is No Lady” Front Album Cover Logo Art

Illustrator: Ernie Cefalu                                                            

Black Line Art 14” x 18”     

I Have Created Over 930 Entertainment & Corporate Logos

To Date This Logo Is The Most Beautiful One Of Them All.


19.EC5015 Anne Murray

“Love Song” Front Album Cover Logo Art

 Illustrator: Ernie Cefalu                                  

Black Line 18” x 24”  

In My Opinion, Of The Over 930 Logos That I Have Created

To Date, This Logo Is The Second Most Beautiful One Of All.


20.JG7007 The Doors

“Full Circle” Album Front & Back Cover Art

Illustrator: Joe Garnett

Full Color Oil On Canvas 20” x 30”

Joe’s Oil Painting Depicts The Full Circle Of Life From

Embryo To Embryo. The Package Constructs Into A

Zoetrope And Pedestal That Then Sets On Top Of The

Turning Record Making It "The Very First Ever Interaction

Album Package Featuring Music With Visual Animation.


  So Now You're Asking... Whats The COMING SOON Part Of All This? Well I'll Tell Ya...

Over The Next Year We Will Be Adding A Whole Lot Of New Images Over 350 In Total. Also Start Adding Some Of Our 3,000 Plus Photographs to our offerings.

"Grand Opening Deals" and Best Of All 5 Unique Images Direct "From The Originals" On Our New T-Shirts!

$35.00 Posters come signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.

$150.00 Prints come on high quality poster paper and are signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.

So Stay Tuned For Up-Dates. Thank You - Ernie

$300.00 Gallery Quality, Acid Free stock, these come signed, numbered, seal stamped in a run of 100 only, with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue (that I created in 1971) and a Letter Of Authenticity. 


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