The Art Of Metal Book

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“To see such artistry relived this way is amazing. The genius behind these tremendous works is astounding. These are moments to cherish as the artistry of this era will not be replicated in the same way, never again.

The dynamics of the Struzan- Cefalu craft are historic. We are blessed to have lived to see these great artisan works.

For the student of creative arts today these masterpiece artworks, created through phenomenal hand drawn pencil artistry and extraordinary hand painting techniques and none of the digital imaging of later years, has to be incredibly inspiring.

Just studying the precision of each brush stroke or graphite pencil mark and the gorgeous symmetry that is so lovingly embrace must be as profound an experience for those students as it is for anyone else who examines these artworks.

Pacific Eye & Ear's dynamic creative energies and inspiration were fostered from its founders and the collective iconic treasures that materialized are recognized and revered to this day and will be far into the future.

The 'Fine Art of Rock' was never more evident than it was through the eyes, ears and vision of yourself and your colleagues during the tremendous years. And now, as we move forward the tribute and legacy lives on.”

- Don MacIver

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