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This Amazing Front And Back Cover Graphite Pencil Illustration Was Created By Drew Struzan, The Number One Most Collected Illustrator In The World Today! 

I’m a big fan of the 20’s and 30’s so when we got this cover assignment, the solution was a no-brainer! The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was the first thing that came to mind when Shep Gordon, Alice’s manager, told me the new album’s title.

This was only one of three times that Drew collaborated with another illustrator on a finished piece. He and Bill Garland worked on this and Black Oak Arkansas “Early Times” albums together.

When the piece was completed and submitted to the record company the legal department rejected it because 13 stars needed to be replaced as they were still living. So both Drew and Bill had to change the living stars heads with stars that were not only dead, but were of the same height and weight.

Looking at this amazing piece it’s hard to believe that they are simply graphite and ink. It is as stunning as the array of stars depicted in its composition.

1974  Black Ink & Graphite Pencil on Board 

$35.00 12" x 18" Posters come signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.

$150.00 Prints come on high quality poster paper and are signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.

$300.00 Gallery Quality, Acid Free stock, these come signed, numbered, seal stamped in a run of 100 only, with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue (that I created in 1971) and a Letter Of Authenticity. 

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