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Artist Joe Garnett designed and illustrated this memorable image for Ernie Cefalu when on staff at Pacific Eye & Ear, the famed design studio who produced a number of widely-recognized covers for music industry clients including Black Sabbath's Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Iron Butterfly's Scorching Beauty and many others.

According to Ernie - "When I started the West Coast office for New York based design firm Craig Braun Inc., we secured an office space on the same floor in the same building that housed Phil Walden and Capricorn Records. From the first time we met hanging out in Phil's office, Lee Dorman (bass player from The Iron Butterfly) and I found that we had so many things in common that we quickly became great friends.

It was in there in Phil's office that Lee asked me if I would like to do the cover for his new group's first album. He and guitarist Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (both ex-Butterfly guys) were getting together with Deep Purple's lead singer Rod Evans and Johnny Winter's drummer Bobby Caldwell and were calling the new band "Captain Beyond". The group had just signed with Capricorn Records and we're working then on finishing up some final tracks for their new album.

Over the next few weeks, I worked very closely with Lee and the rest of the band to better exactly hone the "look & feel" of the Captain's image. This comprehensive illustration is the first attempt at creating the Captain's persona. As you can see by comparing this initial version to the finished illustration, that not much at all was changed. The group loved it and we then had our staff illustrator - Joe Garnett - execute the final painting in oils on canvas.

The band wanted to package the record with a 3-D cover and so, to create the 3-D effect, the illustration, along with my lettering and double interlocking triangle icon, we're then printed on a lenticular plastic and that was then tipped on to the actual cover. The final illustration was presented to Phil Walden by the band when their album's sales surpassed 100,000 units.

An interesting personal sidebar here is that the timing of this opportunity couldn't have been better for me as it was literally 2 weeks before I was planning to leave Craig Braun and start Pacific Eye & Ear. Lee and his group's debut album would be the first cover that we would create under the new PE&E banner."

Captain Beyond, the first album by Captain Beyond, was released in 1972 on Capricorn Records and featured former members of Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, and Rick Derringer. Formed in Los Angeles in 1971, The original line-up for Captain Beyond included singer Rod Evans (who sang on the first Deep Purple hit single "Hush"), guitarist Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt, bassist Lee Dorman, and drummer Bobby Caldwell. This line-up recorded the self-titled debut album, released in 1972.

Captain Beyond would not stay together in its original form beyond this first release, with Caldwell leaving to play in Derringer. After a number of other personnel changes, the original line-up re-grouped to tour in 1973 but broke up again before the year's end. A new Captain Beyond reformed in 1976, broke up again in 1977, and in 1998 original members Reinhardt and Caldwell again reformed Captain Beyond with Jimi Interval on lead vocals, Dan Frye on keyboards, and Jeff Artabasy on bass. This new lineup recorded a four-song EP in 2000 before splitting up again in 2002.

Color digital fine art print, printed using HP archival inks on Epson Premium Semi-matte "acid free" gallery quality photo paper stock (a 10 mil thick, low-gloss paper that offers vivid color reproduction). One from a limited-edition of 100 total prints (in the Standard Edition - each hand-numbered in black pencil in the lower left-hand margin).

Published in 2010 by Original Album Cover Art, Los Angeles, CA. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ernie Cefalu, Owner/Art Director of Pacific Eye & Ear and partner, Original Album Cover Art, and embossed with the publisher's seal. Shipped un-matted/unframed

$35.00 12" x 18" Posters come signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.

$150.00 Prints come on high quality poster paper and are signed with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue that I created in 1971.

$300.00 Gallery Quality, Acid Free stock, these come signed, numbered, seal stamped in a run of 100 only, with an original drawing of The Stones Tongue (that I created in 1971) and a Letter Of Authenticity. 



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